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making art happen

No matter what my current job is, I believe in making art happen while valuing community, diversity, and accessibility. My administrative strengths are something that help keep me balanced, and my love of an organized spreadsheet, or the satisfaction of crossing tasks off a list bring me as much joy as a chord that's perfectly in tune. I have an aptitude for planning events, marketing projects, and communicating ideas⁠—and want to see it happen everywhere in the world, not just large city centres.


Central Okanagan Music Strategy 

April 2021, Kelowna, BC

As Projects & Operations Assistant with Creative Okanagan, Jessie promoted and helped organize the UpBeat Summit. The purpose of the Music Strategy is to advance the sustainability of the music industry in the Central Okanagan through: connecting people with similar interests towards collective action,
Increasing support for live music, creating an understanding of the current music landscape; and setting priorities for the future development of music in the Central Okanagan.

Singing for Joy 

March 2019 - Pender Island, BC

In partnership with Ptarmigan Arts and Mary Reher, Jessie planned and executed a total of 6 vocal workshops for locals on Pender Island. She led the group of experienced and not-so-experienced singers through call/response exercises and songs, as well as expanded their "noise repertoire" and platform for creative expression. 


The events successfully provided an atmosphere where people could be free to learn, interact, and have fun with all of the possibilities they found in their own voice. 

O P E N : an evening of sound interactions

November 2017 - Toronto, ON


This annual fundraiser was planned for Musicworks magazine, an experimental music publication established in 1978, with a cult following in the city of Toronto. Jessie worked as Operations Manager at Musicworks for two years, and in that time was able to increase the financial vitality and online presence of the publication and the intriguing artists who lie within its pages.  


Pianist Cheryl Duvall performed two solo works, including the Canadian premiere of "Scarp," a new composition by Musicworks contributing editor Nick Storring. Innovative sound sculptor Pursuit Grooves teamed up with Mas Aya for a unique, one-off tapestry of rhythm and texture. Experimental guitarist Sandy Ewen (NYC, recently of Houston) closed the evening in a duo set with multi-instrumentalist Brandon Valdivia. 

DJ Brandon Hocura (Séance Centre/Invisible City Records) served up an eclectic array of music throughout the night. 

Curated by Riparian Acoustics.

Special thanks to:
918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education
Collective Arts Brewing, Junction Craft Brewing, She Said Boom Records and Books, Sultan of Samosas


"Out of Our Hands"

a multidisciplinary networking party

April 2015 - Toronto, ON


OoOH featured a local collection of musicians, artists, actors, bakers, makers and more! Performers and guests had the opportunity to:
+ Post creative ideas and connect with new contacts via the *network net* 
+ See what people in the community are working towards 
+ And most importantly 
eaty/drinky/artsy stimulation!  

Visual: Zach Voros, Teresa Gangnier , Ten Yetman  
Music: Jemuel Roberts , Bennett Young & Paul Crocker  
Vendors: Jessica Bebenek , Mariah Cray  


Poetry: Pawel Tosiek

Photography: Jessica Matteazzi  
Mysterious "inter-actor":  Loren SanCartier


Curated by Jessie Rivest. 




Arts Arrive 

A Newcomer's Guide to Toronto Arts

February 2016 - Toronto ON



Arts Arrive is a guidebook created with the intention of making Toronto's arts scene more accessible to newcomers. By championing diverse organizations all across the city and highlighting free and affordable cultural experiences, Arts Arrive provides an inclusive, multidisciplinary overview of arts in the city.  


The publication was featured in Toronto Metro news, and over 1,000 complimentary copies were printed and distributed to community centres across the GTA. 


Arts Arrive was created by Colleen Munro, Adam Moffatt, Camille Dziewurski, Jessie Rivest and Elizabeth Ferguson. 



Flip through Arts Arrive. 

Smile Because This Is Real

an image poetry series

July 2015 - Toronto, ON



In partnership with photographer Tamica Marcano, Jessie directed an image poetry series comprised of seven poems with seven accompanying photographs. The poems were later used to inspire lyrics and themes by Toronto musicians and the images were sought after to advertise events in the city, such as Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's fundraiser cabaret, "Guilty Pleasures". 







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