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fellowships & collectives

The BikeRide Collective 

BRC is a group of Kelowna artists/performers who collaborate to create and present live, outdoor art. The collective is committed to providing performances that are accessible by foot, bicycle, skateboard, wheelchair, or any other human powered vehicle. 

Canadian League of Composers - PIVOT Program 2020 

One of six composers to work directly with – and have their music performed by – Pro Coro Canada, one of Canada’s most celebrated and innovative choirs. Participants experience first-hand the professional development opportunities offered by the CLC in Edmonton. The program took place between January and June 2020, with the final Performance in November 2021.

The New Arts Collective

Resident Artist from Feb 2020 to July 2020. The NAC (New Arts Collective) is a contemporary arts collective in a shared creative environment located in downtown Kelowna, B.C. The NAC is also a space for creating experiences;  our studio engages the public with events, gallery shows, intimate concerts, and art instruction. 

Choral Arts Initiative PREMIERE|Project Festival, June 2019 - Newport Beach, CA.

Composer Fellow, 4-day mentorship from Faculty: Dominick DiOrio, Derrick Spiva Jr, and Dale Trumbore.

Conducted by Brandon Elliot.


New Explorative Oratorio Festival Collaborator with 12 other composers for the cumulative piece, August 2019 - Los Angeles, CA. Directed by Faculty: David Harris, Laurel Irene, and Fahad Siadat.


Millennium Composers Initiative

Featured Composer and Member since 2018. MCI has continued to represent its composers in the form of collaborative concerts with chamber groups across the United States and appearances at various music conferences. 

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audio and score samples

GOOD MORNING is a theatrical collage of sentiments that occur throughout 4 major stages of a relationship.

Excerpt from Estar remando en dulce de leche (Bogotá, 2019). An awkward story of wandering identity; a girl who grows up knowing she is half Argentinian.... and later discovers she is also half Norwegian. 

PRIMA MATERIA (Edmonton 2021) or first matter, is the primitive formless base of all matter similar to chaos, the quintessence or aether. The thematic piece explores the concept of the world as a living being, and how the intense transformations within the universe are relative on an individual and collective level.

ExplOratorio - Cumulative piece from NEO Festival 2019.


Happiness is fleeting...Cyclical is a visceral demonstration, divided into “mini-movements” which repeat the same notion in various formats. Elements of theatrics, sound sculpture, and audience participation accentuate the humour and darkness that is the self.

When I first wrote this piece, I thought it was about a love so deep it wasn't possible to put it into words....Years later, I discovered that it was because I didn't feel comfortable in the relationship dynamic, I didn't feel comfortable expressing my feelings, I didn't feel comfortable being myself.

list of works/performances


non-dual. 3’30, SATB 


2022-10-08:  KHORIKOS, Saturday, October 8th, 7:30pm at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY. Winner of the ORTUS International New Music Competition.





2021-11-28: Pro Coro Canada as part of PIVOT 2020 with Canadian League of Composers, Edmonton, AB. 


As Slow Our Ship. 4’, SATB. Words by Thomas Moore (1852).



Cyclical. 4'30, SATB and audience participation.

Estar remando en dulce de leche. 3', Soprano, Tenor, Piano.
Performances by Maureen Batt (soprano), Fabián Arciniegas (tenor), and Claire Harris (pianist)
during Crossing Borders Tour 2019:
2019-11-05: Heliconian Hall, Toronto, ON.
2019-11-14 to 30: Colombia Tour featured in Popayán, Santa Marta, Pereira, Manizales, and Bogotá. 

ExplOratorio - collaborative piece with 12 composers for the closing ceremonies of NEO.
2019-08-11 - New Explorative Oratorio Festival, Los Angeles, CA.



2019-06-14: Choral Arts Initiative PREMIERE|Project Festival, Newport Beach, CA. 


Gulf Islands Suite 

i. crazy leaf. 4', SSAA 


ii. foxglove. 4’, SSA with piano accompaniment 


iii. the lake on top of the hill. SSAA 


Lull. 4', String Quartet  



Sara T. 3'30, TTBB 


what are you talking about. 3'30, SATB and cellphones 

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